Spending more time on reading rather than writing code is a clear sign of mistrust in the codebase. Command Query Separation (CQS) principle can fix that.

©Mihai Sandu

Why this principle is often misunderstood and how should it be applied in real-world code.

©Mihai Sandu

Hint: probably never

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mind-bogglingly stupid”, Elon Musk

Multitasking has become synonymous with productivity. While that might make you look busy, it’s hindering your ability to learn fast.

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The memory palace is a powerful technique that can help programmers memorize concepts and never have to mess them up.

©Mihai Sandu

Almost everyone heard of Bitcoin, but only a few invested or actually made a transaction with a cryptocurrency. Elrond wants to change that.

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  • it can only process around 7 transactions per second (a Bitcoin transaction can take as much as…

We all ought to exercise more but after a long day of work, it is hard to find the motivation to do it. If going to the gym isn’t your thing, these tips will help you get the much needed weekly body activity.

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Since the 2000s top, Carrefour had an 85% decline. Then 2018 came with a new management team focused on a green future determined to revamp the company.

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2021 might be the year when electric cars become affordable to the masses thanks to this Eastern European brand.

Dacia Spring. Source: Groupe Renault website

The iPhone has now become one of the most irreparable phones on the market. If the company cares about greenhouse emissions, it should start fixing that.

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What about the iPhone?

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