How granularity will improve your code resilience to changing requirements in real-world applications.

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Or when to extend a base class and when to compose objects.

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The Autonomous Driving System Problem

Specialize in a niche to make money. Step outside it to get the wallet to hold them.

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Following this principle should spare you from new bugs when adding new features to existing code.

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The Ice-Cream maker problem

Why this principle is often misunderstood and how should it be applied in real-world code.

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Spending more time on reading rather than writing code is a clear sign of mistrust in the codebase. Command Query Separation (CQS) principle can fix that.

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Hint: probably never

Image by yino19700 from Pixabay

mind-bogglingly stupid”, Elon Musk

Multitasking has become synonymous with productivity. While that might make you look busy, it’s hindering your ability to learn fast.

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The memory palace is a powerful technique that can help programmers memorize concepts and never have to mess them up.

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Almost everyone heard of Bitcoin, but only a few invested or actually made a transaction with a cryptocurrency. Elrond wants to change that.

Photo by Pascal Bernardon on Unsplash
  • it can only process around 7 transactions per second (a Bitcoin transaction can take as much as…

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